Fast-forward your professional growth in safety or risk

... with executive one-on-one coaching.

Are you feeling you are getting nowhere with safety?

Are your colleagues too pressured with other priorities and management is just not listening?

Do you feel like your company needs strategic change of direction in safety and risk but you are just too overwhelmed by putting out fires that you just do not have time to put a good plan together?

Have you made a resolution of growing professionally but do not know where to start?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, executive coaching is just for you.

How executive coaching will help you

– Get the second opinion or just a sounding wall
– Re-focus and find those arguments to convince your management to introduce something you can see is going to work
– Brain storm easy and practical solutions to the most common problems in safety
– Tap into over 15 years of experience in safety and postgraduate qualifications
– Become more effective and efficient in bringing safety to your organisation or growing professionally
– Develop strategic professional growth plan for yourself or your organisation

Why Martyn Hill is great as a coach

– Over 16 years of experience in safety
– Postgraduate qualifications in OH&S and Human Factors
– Practical and reliable problem solver
– The first and only Chartered Fellow (peak grading) in the NT of the Safety Institute of Australia
– Head of the NT branch of the Safety Institute of Australia
– Passionate about learning and sharing

Your plan to succeed

Outback Safety offers safety, quality, environment & business consulting
plus training for businesses.

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Step One

Book your free
30-minute strategy session with Outback Safety to improve your safety processes.

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Step Two

We’ll work through Outback Safety’s proprietary Gap Analysis Assessment to find your immediate needs.

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Step Three

Outback Safety will provide you with a detailed strategy plan and recommended next steps.