Benefits of safety management

Can anyone predict the future? Or outcome of a project or an activity?

Certainly not!

So, is it correct to say that the outcome will remain uncertain all the time and we have no option but to wait and watch?

Fortunately, the answer is again a big fat NO.

It is a well-established fact that there are hundreds of obstacles that comes your way when you start any project. These obstacles can be financial, technological, environmental, social or safety related.

Out of these the most critical is SAFETY of your highly valuable asset that is your employees. Financial constraints can be tackled. Social issues can be sorted out. But if you fail to manage a safety related issue, Game Over. Therefore, it is right to say that any injury or death can make your project at halt. Even in some cases it is almost impossible to keep your organisation afloat after suffering any unfortunate accident. 

Therefore, it is incumbent upon organisations to take some serious measures to make Safety a top priority.

Safety Management System (SMS) is an approach that can take you out from this mucky scenario.

Wondering how?

SafeWork Australia defines Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS/SMS) as:

“An OHSMS is a coordinated and systematic approach to managing health and safety risks. OHSMSs help organisations to continually improve their safety performance and compliance to health and safety legislation and standards. In doing so, they establish safer working environments that protect people at work by eliminating, or better managing, health and safety hazards.”

A Safety management system not only helps you in avoiding injuries or death. It also helps you in following ways:

  • More Profits
    The huge amounts of money you can save from hospitalisation and insurance claims that can be spent elsewhere. Moreover, by complying to the regulatory authorities you can avoid hurting your organisation from severe penalties.
  • Investment Opportunities
    Business sustainability is a clear-cut benefit of SMS especially when it comes to Investors as they want to know if they are spending their hard-earned money in a safe place or not. 
  • Increased Productivity
    Workers can spend more time on a job than on leaves due to lesser Lost Time Interval which eventually boost their morale.
  • Business opportunities
    A lot of public & private sector organisations require that your organisation is performing impressively on SMS.

By implementing SMS, you can easily take control of your organisation as it provides you the data in one place which is necessary to know what is happening in your organisation. Which will eventually help you to make better judgment and sound decisions.

Wondering how you can implement SMS in your organisation?

Outback Safety delivers you high value occupational health & safety, quality, environment, and business continuity consulting services. Over the years we have helped our clients create outstanding growth with very simple systems & processes that increase productivity and efficiency.

Outback Safety offers a unique service – an advisory focused on risk management combined with the understanding how Territory organisations operate. By leveraging technology and expertise we deliver services that are tailor made for our clients.

Our Key services includes:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management system)
  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management system)
  • ISO 45001:2018 & OHSAS 18001:2007 (Safety management system)
  • Risk Management
  • Integrated Management system (IMS)

To achieve all that we will help you with:

  • Drafting policies, manuals, and procedures
  • Implementation of developed system
  • Improvement of existing system
  • Document management
  • Identifying training needs
  • Incident investigations
  • Contractor management etc.

Successful companies treat Health & Safety as an integral part of business just like Maintenance or Finance. While on the other hand many organisations suffered huge financial loss when they neglected or downgraded the importance of implementing SMS.

And we are sure, you are not one of them.