We help your company experience consistent output

... so you can focus on increased revenues and improve your systems for productivity and efficiency instead of putting out spotfires.

Move from ideation to reality

We all already know the importance of improving the systems for productivity and efficiency. But instead we are focused on the day to day operations of the business and putting out spotfires.

You can probably list out all the things that you think you should be doing to be better in this critical area.
The truth is, it’s not enough to know what you should be doing – to see lasting results, you have to make these areas a strategic priority, and actually get moving.

Outback Safety does this by identifying or creating the strategies that will have the most significant impact for each unique company, in areas of quality assurance, risk management and legal compliance of Work Health and Safety.

From small privately held companies to state Governments, Martyn can provide proven, pragmatic, and customisable approaches to just about any size company looking to get more, whether it is productivity, time or revenue.

Our services include

NT specific products

How we do it

  • We take great pride in what we do and we always aim to provide the best solution for the best price to our clients.
  • We embrace new technology, we do all the research for you and we are always working on perfecting our expertise to service you best.
  • You can always expect from us friendly and approachable rapport backed up by professionalism attained through years of learning and improvement.