COVID-19 resources from the Work Safe Regulators

COVID-19 pandemic has an unprecedented impact on the workplace. The pandemic gives us a chance to reassess the business practices and risks associated with operating the business.
The Regulators such as Safe Work Australia, NT WorkSafe and regulators in other jurisdictions have been proactive and supporting the workplaces. Here is the summary of resources in one spot to help you navigate the uncertainty that comes with these changes:

Safe Work Australia prepared a comprehensive suite of resources that cover different areas: aged care, education, agriculture, construction, in-home services, small businesses, fly-in-fly-out and taxis to name a few

NT WorkSafe prepared FAQ for employees, employers and healthcare providers

WorkSafe Queensland focused on the impact on risk management

Western Australian regulator focused on guiding transport and construction industries

SafeWork Victoria focused on the framework and main areas of exposure, prevention, support and compensation

SafeWork NSW gave the similar guidance but also covered topics such as mental health and workplace violence in these uncertain times

SafeWork SA mostly relied on SafeWork Australia resources

WorkSafe Tasmania emphasised the responsibility of an employer to keep up to date with the COVID-19 updates