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7 Things COOLEST Safety professional will never do

worlds coolest safetyAll safety professionals are different, but there are things that cool safety professional should never do:

Won’t Act Like A Cop

Any one from operations or managements hates it,  they absolutely loathe the ” safety guy -inspector type”.  There is no badge, there is no safety police, there is no “the only right way to do it”. Wielding influence is much more powerful than authority.  Build up goodwill and influence via mentoring and fostering relationships.

Won’t Say No To Common Sense

Yes, common sense is uncommon. Have you ever been in that position where the rules state one thing and the situation at hand demands practicality and thus breaking a rule in the process? Sometimes one has to look the other way. There is a name for that, “reasonable solution”. Sometimes, as safety professionals, we must trust the experience of the worker, not the rule book, to manage the situation.

Won’t Throw Team Under The Bus

There is no “me” or “we” against “them”. It is “us” as a “team” that work together for the common good. The safety professionals are part of a team. Break this rule and you will be eating your lunches alone.

Won’t Pretend To Know Everything

Aaah, the safety that tells the workers how to do their job. Please clarify and ask questions about the work that is being done in the field, just don’t tell them how to do their job because it appears unsafe.

Won’t Just Sit In Their Office  All Day

Then there is the invisible safety who always has a task to complete in the office. Have a healthy balance of being in the field and being in the office. Don’t get married to any statistics like 70% in the field, 30% in the office – that is unnecessary. Spend time where necessary in order to reach your goals and complete your tasks.

Won’t Ever Believe The Company’s Zero Injury track record

A lot of things are manipulated in life. The way in which a zero harm is estimated can be a creative process.  Some corporations seem to be averse to simply being honest with this number, every sane person knows that on work site where thousands of workers are present your there is no zeroinjury possible, and that is ok because this is life, and we have yet to invent a hazard free work zone in this Universe.

They Won’t Take Themselves Too Serious

Like you, I am just a regular guy, yet sometimes I tend to feel like I am a pretty important guy. Whenever that starts to happen I remember to visit humble lane and eat some humble pie. At the end of the day it is about being comfortable with who you are and what you are doing at work.

As the old saying goes: Stay hungry, stay foolish 🙂



This article is adopted to Australian audience and is based on the one written by White Knight Safety Solutions