Benefits of safety management

By Tash Reicheldt / 19 May 2020

Can anyone predict the future? Or outcome of a project or an activity? Certainly not! So, is it correct to say that the outcome will remain uncertain all the time and we have no option but to wait and watch? Fortunately, the answer is again a big fat NO. It...

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Covid-19 and Work Health and Safety

By Outback Safety / 23 April 2020

COVID-19 We all have to adjust to new reality, here is a link to some useful resources from Safe Work Australia Download

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SIA NT Symposium: Workplace Body, Mind & Safety

By Outback Safety / 7 October 2016

Safety Institute of Australia NT presents the 7th Annual premier NT safety event. This is located at the Mal Nairn Auditorium, CDU   SIA NT Symposium: Workplace Body, Mind & Safety which will be held on Friday 14th October 2016. Registering now.   So if you are serious about safety, then this...

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WHS in Schools: Excursions for NT schools

By Outback Safety / 21 April 2015

More and more teachers in the Northern Territory choose to leave the classroom to provide the ultimate learning experience for the students and that is great. With a risk management focus, the vast majority of teachers researching and planning for students to leave the classroom request only two documents from potential...

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Accident in the Northern Territory (step by step guide)

By Outback Safety / 31 March 2015

Accidents do happen. What should you do if a workplace accident happened in the Northern Territory? You are required to contact NT WorkSafe immediately as soon as you find out that something of the following happened at the workplace: a death of a person (whether an employee, contractor or member of the public); a serious injury or illness of the person...

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7 Things COOLEST Safety professional will never do

By Outback Safety / 17 March 2015

All safety professionals are different, but there are things that cool safety professional should never do: Won’t Act Like A Cop Any one from operations or managements hates it,  they absolutely loathe the ” safety guy -inspector type”.  There is no badge, there is no safety police, there is no...

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