Principles of Risk Management for schools ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management

By Outback Safety / 1 July 2015

Risk management (RM) is: a systematic process of threat identification, assessment and control which seeks to prevent or minimise the potential consequences to school activities without diminishing the curriculum’s intent.   Principle 1: Risk management creates and protects value. Risk management contributes to the demonstrable achievement of objectives and improvement...

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WHS in Schools: Excursions for NT schools

By Outback Safety / 21 April 2015

More and more teachers in the Northern Territory choose to leave the classroom to provide the ultimate learning experience for the students and that is great. With a risk management focus, the vast majority of teachers researching and planning for students to leave the classroom request only two documents from potential...

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Work Health and Safety in Schools

By Outback Safety / 23 February 2015

Schools are in fact quite high risk environments with a lot of various interests intertwined together. Now when harmonisation has arrived – with the exception of Western Australia and Victoria all jurisdictions in Australia are now bound by the provisions of the harmonised work health and safety legislation. All businesses or...

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